About UrbanDesk Referral Program

Introduce a relative or a friend to UrbanDesk co-work and get rewarded. The more friends that join, the more you’ll earn.

We’ve created a unique link for you, allowing you to track your UrbanDesk Referral Program. Each referral that submits their details through this link will be associated with you. If the person referred becomes our paid member. We’ll pay you. Keep referring and enjoy the benefits.

We would love to have your relatives & friends as UrbanDesk members.

Know someone in need of Co-working Space? When you refer a relative or a friend to UrbanDesk, you’ll earn 10% of their monthly license / membership fee for up to 12 months. It’s quick, easy and always exciting to bring more awesome people into UrbanDesk community.

The more referrals join, the more you will earn.

For eg: If they pay INR 6,000 per month, you’ll take home INR 600 each month for up to a year.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    FAQs related to UrbanDesk Referral Program

    Ans: In order for UrbanDesk to process any referral fees to you, you will need to be a registered member of UrbanDesk. If you are an existing member you are good to go. If you are not – you can fill up the refer a friend form. After successful membership, we will contact you about the successful referral and you need to additionally give the Bank account details (cancelled cheque leaf) where you want the money to be transferred.
    Ans: No. The more people you refer to UrbanDesk, the more you can earn in fees!
    Ans: You’ll earn 10% of your referral’s gross license / membership fee, each month, for up to 12 months.
    Ans: When your referral joins UrbanDesk you’ll receive your money 1–2 weeks after their membership pay-in date. Future payments will be processed within the first 2 weeks of the new month.
    Ans: You’ll get an automatic email notification from us as soon as your referral joins UrbanDesk.
    Ans: If your referral grows within his or her space within their first 12 months of membership at UrbanDesk, your fees will automatically adjust to reflect the current monthly value of the new space.
    Ans: If there’s something we didn’t address above, please reach out to [email protected] , someone from the UrbanDesk team will be in touch to help with any questions or concerns.
    Ans: In the event, the referral is submitted by multiple people, the person who referred 1st will be eligible for the Fee.
    Ans: Yes, it is 60 days from the date of your referral.